Israel Palestine Issue

After three consecutive nights of Israeli security forces raiding the Al Aqsa Mosque to stop Palestinians from accessing the Old City during prayers of the holy month of Ramadan. In retaliation, the Hamas group has launched more than 1,000 rockets on 10 May into Israel which resulted in thousands of casualties.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has raged on for generations and the fighting we see in 2021 is born of more than 100 years of struggle. It is often referred to as the world’s most intractable conflict is rooted in a dispute over land claimed by Jews as their biblical birthright and by the Palestinians, who seek self-determination. Despite repeated attempts to end the conflict between the two countries, there is no peace settlement in sight. As it is a very controversial issue I would say, the facts I will be providing here are based on historical facts only. As you have seen in the picture, these types of conflicts negatively affect the human and especially the child right.

How did it starts??

There was the rule of the Ottoman empire in the area since the fourteenth century. The area was important due to the presence of a passage from Europe to Asia through the “Suez Canal.” After the Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War I Britain took control of the area known as Palestine under the Sykes-Picot Agreement, the area was occupied by Arab Majority and Jews Minority.

The Jews have been persecuted throughout history due to their religious beliefs and foreign culture. To help the Jews people, international community tasked Britain with setting up a “national home” for Jewish people in Palestine through the Balfour declaration. The same land was claimed as their historical lands by both the Jews and Palestinians.

In 1897 the Jews started a movement called a Zionist movement to escape persecution and establish their state in their ancestral homeland, Israel. The movement later got international reach and was termed as World Zionist Organization. During the 1920 to 1940s, many Jewish people fled to Palestine by escaping the persecution and the atrocities of Hitler’s Holocaust. It incited the Arab population living there, and we witness the start of the conflict between Jews, Arabs, and the Britishers.

You could see here, how the land of Arab nation Palestine is reduce to small patches of land with time.

The fight between Israel and Palestine

In 1947, the UN voted to split the land into two countries at British request. Jewish people accepted the agreement and declared the independence of Israel. Under the plan, the land was to be split into separate Jewish and Arabs states. Jerusalem, a holy land for both would become an international city. Jewish leaders embraced the plan, but the Arab leaders’ didn’t.

The partition of land under The Two State Theory by United Nations

In 1948 the Britishers left after realizing that the problem couldn’t be solved by them, and the Jewish leaders created the “State of Israel” backed by the then US president Harry S. Truman. The declaration was not acceptable to Palestinians a war broke out by neighboring Arab countries including Jordon, Egypt, Iraq, and Syria on Israel. The war was catastrophic for Palestinians hundred and thousands fled. The continuous fight was advantageous for Israel, and it now controls most of the land. However, there was never a peace agreement, but the blame game persists.

It was the beginning of the Palestine refugee crisis which ultimately led to the creation of PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) in 1964 a terrorist organization. More importantly “in the Six-day war” in 1967, the Arabs attacked Israel, but the result was in favor of Israel. The Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt; West Bank, and East Jerusalem from Jordan; and Golan Heights from Syria were captured by Israel. Most Palestinian refugees and their descendants live in the Gaza strip and the West Bank were not allowed to return their homes. These lands are recognized as occupied territories by the UN.

Israel Pre-War 1967 Boundaries Map

Jerusalem was one of the holiest lands on Earth for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. However, Israel claims the whole city as its capital. Palestine claims East Jerusalem as the capital of its future state.

For the past 50 years, Israel has built settlements in Jerusalem, more than 600,000 Jews now live there. Although, the Palestinians consider them illegal under international law. There have been numerous attempts to resolve over the decades since 1979. In 1993, under the Oslo Accord, the leaders of Palestinians and Israeli met to negotiate on the “two-state solutions” with the mediation of the US and Russia with no positive results.

The tension escalated with Israel’s increased settlement in West Bank and Gaza Strip. The result was First Intifada, in 1987 with a boycott of Israeli products, jobs, etc resulted in massive Israeli economic destruction. In 2000, a more violent Palestine Uprising killed a large number of civilians to death on both sides. This is known as the Second intifada. As a defensive measure, Israel constructed a West Bank Barrier wall and separated Israel and Palestine settlements. Still, Israel is continuously pushing to settle Jews settlers to the West Bank which is changing the demography with prevalent human right violations in Palestine.

New era of Fatah and Hamas

The Palestinian divided themselves into two groups i.e. the Fatah and Hamas. The Fatah accept Oslo accord, were found under Yasir Arafat is the largest Palestinian political faction. It is a secular movement, has nominally recognized Israel, and has actively participated in the peace process. The Hamas (Islamic Militant group) for the liberation of Palestine through Jihad came into existence. It refused to recognize Israel as a country. It has received support from Iran and Syria. Despite numerous reconciliation efforts over the past 15 years, rifts have remained.

The tensions between the groups have dominated Palestinian politics since 2006. After an armed conflict between the two factions and the failure of an attempted unity government, the Palestinian leadership has been divided since 2007. Damascus Gate is one of the main entrances to Jerusalem’s Old City, and a popular meeting place for Palestinians, especially during Ramadan after the evening prayer that triggers problems.

The Palestinians want Israel to withdraw to pre-1967 and establish independent Palestine state in West Bank and Gaza. Israel should stop the era of expansion of settlements and allow Palestine refugees to return back to there homes. However, the Israel want sovereignty over Jerusalem as a capital of a Jewish State.

The issue and the world

The US has been a significant mediator, with more Jews population than Israel, which have significant control over US media and economy. Hence, the US has also prevented the observer status to Palestine in the UN. However, the Obama administration allowed the UN to pass a resolution that declared Israel’s growing settlements in the occupied territories illegal, and had also blocked resolutions criticizing Israel by using its veto power in the UN Security Council. With the new presidency regime under Trump, who is more inclined to Israel, the illegal settlements by Israel in West Bank and Gaza are increasing. In 2018, the Trump administration canceled funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency, which provides aid to Palestinian refugees, and relocated the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a reversal of a longstanding U.S. policy.

India opposes the UN’s partition plan in 1947, however it recognizes Israel in 1950 but it also recognizes the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as the sole representative of the Palestinian. It also recognizes the statehood of Palestine in 1988. In 2014, India favored UNHRC’s resolution to probe Israel’s human rights violations in Gaza. Despite supporting the probe, India abstained from voting against Israel in UNHRC IN 2015. India has tried to maintain the image of its historical moral support for Palestinian self-determination, and at the same time to engage in military, economic, and other strategic relations with Israel.

Nearly 83% of countries have officially recognized Israel as a sovereign state and maintain diplomatic relations. However, at the same time are sympathetic to Palestine.

Way Forward

In August and September 2020, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and then Bahrain agreed to normalize their relations with Israel by following the steps of Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. The world at large needs to come together for a peaceful solution however, the reluctance of the Israeli government and other involved parties has aggravated the issue. A balanced approach towards the issue would help to maintain favorable relations which are required for the wellbeing of people on both sides.

Published by Neel Kamal

My name is Neelkamal. Here, I will provide the content effective for everyone who want to learn more and more. And if you want, I am open for your suggestion to write on. I have done M.Sc in Biotechnology and also read about the Political, Social, Environmental issues. So, my blog will surrounds upon topics related to these subjects.

15 thoughts on “Israel Palestine Issue

  1. Russian Press Condemns Israel. Israel has yet to commit ground troops to Gaza.

    UN chief ‘deeply disturbed’ by civilian casualties & IDF bombing of Gaza media building. Eva Bartlett, a Canadian independent journalist and activist declares: “The destruction of two important Gaza buildings housing 20 media outlets was both shocking and predictable.” According to her unbiased speculations, this Arabist declares the purpose and intent of bringing down these two buildings – “Israel is deliberately obliterating media buildings in Gaza to cover up the war crimes that will follow.” However, this Arabist concedes the key point that Israel gave the inhabitants of in both buildings both warning and time to evacuate the premises to avoid civilian casualties. Interesting Gaza leadership has fired thousands of missiles at Israeli populated cities, has never given any warning what so ever … but Israel, (that Pariah State), will in the future, commit war crime atrocities!

    An Israeli military spokesman told the media that the tower was targeted because it housed “Hamas military intelligence.” Hamas uses “civilian media” as “human shields,” the IDF also said in a statement on Twitter. The Palestinian militant group “deliberately places its military assets in the heart of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip,” the post added. Yet the Russian Arabist Press gave priority to Eva Bartlett’s evil eye of the Jewish State’s response to stateless Arab refugees firing missiles into Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and targeting, with their missiles, most of the populated cities across Israel – Israel, that tiny speck of a country. The Arabist Russian Press Head Lines: Israeli airstrike levels Gaza tower housing AP, Al Jazeera & other international media.

    Clearly foreign imperialist governments seek to promote their agenda: to divide the tiny Jewish state. Jesus son of Zeus once taught: (divide and conquer), a nation divided against itself cannot stand. These foreign jackal nations, in all their innocence and piety, seek to promote Civil War within Israel. It means nothing to these hostile powers, who dub themselves – ‘the Quartet’, that 57 Arab and Muslim countries cover the Middle East, Africa and the former Soviet Union empire.

    No they demand that Israel, about the size of New Jersey, MUST surrender the miraculous victory of the 1967 Six Day War. That only then can peace bless the Middle East! Interesting, Arab control of these recaptured territories which Israel reconquered, prior to that short war, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia fought 2 previous wars against Israel – with the objective – to obliterate the Jewish state. President of Egypt, Nasser, promised prior to the June war of ’67, that Arabs would in this war accomplish what they failed to achieve in 1948, to throw the Jews into the Sea, and thereby complete the Nazi Holocaust.


    1. I really thank you dear Jilldennison to appreciate my efforts. As this is the case which involves every single person of world. The losing lives of people, targeted politics, dying innocence do something to hearts. Hope things soon change and people enjoy living together again.

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  2. Thank you for a most balanced, clear and concise account of this on going tragedy.
    Until there is accord there will never be security and progress for all. The shadows of empires and follies long since passed still hang heavy.

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    1. Yes, very true only an accord can solve the century-long conflict. And I hope we could soon reach that point because these conflicts took an uncountable number of lives every year. Sadly, we are helpless.

      I embrace only one religion and that is Humanity. Which dies in wars bloodshed from both sides. It kills men, women, children, everybody, without any discrimination.

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  3. Mar David Baker asked a serious question concerning Middle East Peace. Hopefully my response fully and totally answers his excellent question.

    “”””Rabbi Kerr…… I claim no authority so I can get away with saying whatever comes to my mind. YOU on the other hand do have authority and you rightfully claim that authority since you ARE a true Rabbi. you are held to a higher standard than “somebody like me !”. I can ” get away with behavior that you cannot. I respectfully submit for your consideration that you have a “bit” of the “Tough Guy Rabbi” attitude probably because of information that you have observed first hand. I also have suffered pain and sorrow in this life. I do not require you to fill in any blanks.
    WE CAN’T BUY LOVE, TRUE LOYALTY, FAITH or PEACE. All of us are part Dove and part Hawk. Please consider using your obvious skills to promote PEACE. If you do…. let me know if you need any help. I will be your bodyguard. I will guard you with an olive branch an UZI and 13 clips of 9mm. Peace is the only viable alternative.
    It won’t be easy and when you get slapped in the face, you will need to turn the other cheek. So what do you want for the grandchildren of Israel ? More killing or peace and prosperity ?
    Always your friend,
    Marc David BAKER””””


    Exactly so. That’s why the Great Power attempt to foist the “2 State Solution” … utter and total NARISHKEIT. The term “PEACE”, based upon the wisdom of Torah, “it” applies,, this burden of responsibility, “it” judges the leaders of Israeli society in each and every generation. To promote “PEACE”, requires the expenditure of both time and energy. Both resources qualify as valuable treasure. Can not speak for the Jews of G’lut, but the Jews in Israel – we have a highly fractured society! Therefore the subject of “PEACE” only merits the investment of these most precious resources, only and strictly among and between the Jewish people alone.

    Goyim in foreign countries the issue of “PEACE”, an internal problem which those Goyim civilizations have a responsibility to manage. Israel does not lecture the European-barbarians how they should better treat their Gypsy\Roma populations? As far as Europe goes, Israelis — we have a huge chip on our shoulders — post Shoah Jewry utterly despise and detests the subhuman European barbarian apes! Israel completely and totally discounts Europe in general, and the EU in particular. Toward these States of imperialism: Israeli foreign policy – has embraced an Apartheid policy; Europe excluded from having any say what so ever with the region of the Middle East and North Africa. This post Shoah Israeli Apartheid foreign policy toward European powers, the equivalent of the early – post American revolution – Monroe Doctrine; which excluded Europe from intervening in South and Central American domestic issues.

    European imperialism: not a better example in recent history than the Rome statute which established a European ‘International Criminal Court’. Irregardless how much the judges of that “court” condemn Israel for ‘War Crimes’, the noise of that European institution compares to male dogs barking when the neighbor’s bitch comes into heat. Post Shoah Europe: NEVER AGAIN, shall these crude rude barbarians ever pretend to assume the mantle of God and judge Jews.

    G’lut Jewry, arrogant Europeans routinely “slapped Jews in the face! They expected Christ Killer Jews to ‘turn the other cheek’”. Post Shoah Israeli Independence, Israelis, as mentioned above, we have a chip upon our shoulders vis a vis Europe. Israeli foreign policy, hangs a large sign on our borders: “Europeans – stay out! You’re totally not welcome in the Middle East and North Africa”.

    Complex social issues — managed but never resolved. Domestic social relations within a nation do not compare to a game of Checkers, which has a beginning and end. The burden to promote Intra-bnai brit diplomacy among and between the conflicting and opposing political interests within Israeli society, this concept compares to a relay race where each generation passes the baton to the succeeding generations. Hopefully the post Shoah Yidden will not drop the baton like as occurred in the Davidic kingdom and also in the Hashmonaim kingdom, during the 2nd Jewish commonwealth. Over 2000 years of bitter exile/g’lut, hopefully post Shoah Yidden will learn from the gross incompetent errors which our forefathers made.


  4. The Purpose of Writing this blog. To some degree bases itself upon the book: Six Days of War, by Michael B. Oren. P.2: While it may be useless to try to pinpoint the cause or causes of the Middle East war of 1967, one can describe the context in which that war became possible. Much like the hypothetical butterfly that, flapping its wings, gives rise to currents that eventually generate a storm, so, too, might small, seemingly insignificant events spark processes leading ultimately to cataclysm.

    View myself as a totally insignificant butterfly of a person. But this tiny, mostly ignored blog, hopes to spark public criticism of Reshonim scholarship decisions made and expressed through their commentaries written on the Talmud and T’NaCH literature. Yeshiva Orthodox education forbids criticism of these early secondary sources. This decision, it seems to me — just plain wrong. The current cat-fights within the Israeli Knesset, I bring as primary evidence that leadership decisions inspire open and critical debates.

    Any study of rabbinic scholarship, especially during the Middle Ages prior to Napoleon liberating our People from the war criminal ghetto gulags, merits criticism and close scrutiny. It takes two hands to clap. Despite the lack of physical evidence which supports this thesis, my gut tells me that church leadership alone in the 16th Century, could never have succeeded in implementing ghetto gulags, spread across Europe and Russia, without the support of Kapo like Jews – modeled after Max Naumann (12 January 1875 – May 1939), founder of Verband nationaldeutscher Juden. This disgrace for a human being compares to the likes of Benedict Arnold, John Amery, Harold Cole, Vidkun Quisling, Philippe Pétain etc., criminals who supported the Nazis, and assisted in the war against the Jews of Europe.

    The introduction of political Zionism late in the 19th Century, it serves as an example of the butterfly effect, which so aroused nationalism and international wars that followed thereafter. Rabbinic Orthodoxy’s reaction to Zionism so contrasts with their total failure to denounce and destroy the Ari false gnostic kabbala\forbidden additions to the sealed Jewish masoret. This radical mystic kabbala perverted the classic מעשה בראשית masoret, as expressed through the Siddur; it opened the gates of tuma which history refers to as the false messiah heresies. That gnostic kabbala butterfly effect produced, so to speak, a unique social chaos chain reaction which culminated in the Cossack pogroms of 1648.

    A study of history entails much more than people, dates, and places. Before the Peace of Westphalia (1648), the numerous German principalities under the Holy Roman Empire restricted and limited their autonomy; these principalities could not conduct foreign affairs that resulted mutual treaties with other countries or empires. The removal of these legal restrictions effectively transformed these German principalities into Independent States.

    According to Frank Chiang, The One-China Policy: State, Sovereignty, and Taiwan’s International Legal Status, 2018. Modern States share some four common features: (1) the people; (2) a territory in which the people inhabit; (3) a ruler—a king or a sovereign prince—who bears sovereignty; and (4) the capability to engage in relations with other States. It seems to me, that European hostile rhetoric propaganda seeks to subvert the Jewish State; by shoving these four rules, magically concealed through false but repeated declarations of “International Law”, which intend to turn Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem into a kind of “Foie Gras”! As if Israel exists as a domesticated goose under the authority of the EU, Russia, and UN.

    Arab refugees populations, captured as a consequence of the victory of the 2nd Israeli War of Independence, have no rights. The moral outrage expressed by European Capitals completely ignores the treatment Jews received under European rule for over 2000 years, which terminated in the Shoah\Final Solution. European Capital lost their First among equals, first world status – following their defeat in WW ll. Israel does not recognize the right of any European government to sit as a permanent member on the UN Security Council. Both London and Paris merit no respect, they both aided the Nazi war effort to exterminate the Jews of Europe.

    These dethroned and defrocked ‘Great Powers’, the moral cowardice of their leaders, openly encouraged the lessor States of Europe to follow suit. The same holds true with the Reshonim scholarship on the Talmud following the Rambam Civil War. The same chain of consequences resulted in the Yankee war of aggression against the South. The Yankee victors replaced a Constitutional Republic of States, with a corrupt democracy.

    This post Civil War democracy, continually expands the voting franchise unto individuals not politically educated, and who have little or no stake in the political decisions, that these ‘democratically elected leaders’ effect upon the lives of the People; lobbies have replaced Governors and State Legislatures as the dominating influence over the Federal Congress persons and Senators. Lobbies write the Bills which bribed Congressmen and Senators present to Congress. Herein defines the corruption of Washington which ultimately define American law.

    The Rambam Civil War produced a similar corrosive deterioration upon the scholarship of both the Talmud and T’NaCH. Rabbinic leadership thereafter gave but mere lip service to the contrasting kabbala masoret of פרדס ומעשה בראשית as did the post Civil War Yankee governments in Washington honor and respect States Rights. Yeshiva educated, and how much more so, the common man on the street, neither Jew has the slightest idea how the kabbala of מעשה בראשית defines the k’vanna required to da’aven through the Siddur; the mitzvot of kiddushin and get\agunah and all positive time oriented commandments דאורייתא ודרבנן.

    Rabbinic Judaism does not strive to define tohor, contrasted by tuma, middot. Despite the fact that the Gemara of ברכות emphatically teaches that tefillot function in the stead of korbanot. Today the rote ritual of da’avening tefilla duplicates the offering of a barbeque unto Heaven, whereby king Shaul defied the commandment of the prophet Shmuel, and profaned his anointing as the Moshiach. King Shaul effectively turned the Moshiach blessing, into a Torah curse; just as when the people who originally asked the prophet Shmuel for a king; and rain, during the dry season, immediately thereafter fell!

    In 1948 and 1967 secular Jewry secured victory for the Jewish people by winning our two wars of Independence. A tremendous accomplishment. But the continued home rule of the Jewish people upon these lands, based upon the Torah as our Constitutional masoret, requires from all generations of Jews thereafter, strive to establish: (1) The Torah as the Written Constitution of the Cohen Republic of States. (2) Rebuild the Cities of Refuge, and therein establish the lateral courts of common law; the small and Great Sanhedrin(s) authorized to impose lashes as the defining criminal code of Jewish law as opposed & contrasted by Penitentiary Ghettos which define the western codes of criminal justice. Justice must restore compensation for damages imposed – in a quick and fair manner by the lateral Common Law Courts. (3) Cut a canal which connects the Mediterranean with the Salt Sea; to cause rain to fall upon the Negev and Sahara deserts. The intent, to send the Arab refugee populations, currently temporarily residing within Israel, to farm these now fertile crop producing lands of North Africa. The Torah blessing of causing rain to give life unto barren Wilderness lands, promises to transform Egypt and North African States unto the main trading partners of the Cohen Republic of Israel.

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