Can be a solution to Israel Palestine

In this world of globalization, every single person is worried about the frequently arising standoff in Israel. Here, I will provide some solutions to the century-old conflict as per my understanding.

Before starting, let’s have a brief knowledge of the conflict:-

The center of the Israel-Palestine conflict is over the city of Jerusalem. It is the birthplace of all the three Abrahamic religions that is Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Hence, it is culturally and historically significant to all, and no single religion has the right to claim ownership. Hence, Jerusalem neither belongs to Christianity, nor Islam, and nor to Jews alone, but all. This acknowledgment should be at the very center of any effort to resolve this conflict.

As colonial mandate renounces over Palestine in 1948, the United Nations which was set up after world war II, proposed a viable solution of ‘Two-State.’ The solution establishes two separate countries one for the Jews and one for Palestinian Arabs. However, this solution never came into existence because Israel unilaterally declared its independence against the UN mandate. Israel exclusively created a Jews state, that left the Palestinians behind and destroyed their hopes of having a there own separate state which could protect their rights and opportunities. Immediately after becoming independent Israel started committing grave atrocities against the Palestinians, which is referred to by Palestinians as ‘Nakba’ or ‘Holocaust.’ During this Israel destroyed hundreds of Palestinians villages, and pushed out nearly eighty percent of the Arab population, thereby establishing a dominant Israel exclusively for the Jews.

The other Arab countries fought back against Israeli oppression and they even declared war to protect the rights of the Palestinians, eventually got defeated. There were several wars fought amongst the Arab nation and Israel, which make Israel geographically stronger by capturing areas during wars.

By the 1970s these successive defeats of the Arab Nation made it very clear that Israel was here to stay, and this forced the Arab countries to reset their relations with Israel. Many countries took forward steps to reset their relations including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. Slowly after the 1980’s the Arab support was started dwindling for Palestinians cause and this marked a parallels rise of the Palestinian counter-violence beginning from the 1970s. Through two uprisings and rebellions that Palestinians referred to as ‘Intifada’ and take up counter violence and even acts of terrorism to target Israel for its Oppression and to liberate the Palestinian areas from Israeli occupation. That counter-violence has given birth to many radical extremists such as Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Liberation Organizations, and others. These organizations received cowardly support from many Arab Muslim countries and many non-Arab Muslim countries. Thus, creating a vicious cycle of violence in the middle east.

Where Israeli doesn’t hesitate to target the Palestinian civilians in the name of counter-terrorism, vis-à-vis the Palestinian extremists such as Hamas don’t hesitate to target Israeli civilian in the name of national liberation. This cycle of violence continued to date, and it is very essential for the parties involved to accept the current realities on the ground and realize the fact that Israel is not going anywhere as a state and the justified demand of the Palestinians is not going to be erased by the use of violence and force.

It would be wishful thinking on the part of Israel to assume that the Palestinian moment can be wiped out with the usage of force and with the adoption of aggressive policies. Similarly, it would be wishful thinking of Palestinians to assume that someway they could wipe out Israel from existence, and hence it is important for both parties to acknowledge that the nation-state of Israel is here is stay. At the same time the Palestinians have there justified demands for the recognition of there territorial right and the equal rights and opportunities which has been denied to them for decades together.

The solution

Over decades many unsuccessful attempts were made to work out a solution, as they were based on the European model which pushes for an unfair settlement between the victors and the looser. The European’s experience in creating nation-states in America, Australia, and as well as in Europe shows that their nation-state model is always based on the annihilation of the Natives and the Minorities. A classic example would be the creation of Nazi Germany based on the annihilation of Jews. The irony is that the very same Jews who face these atrocities back in Germany are seen to be committing the same atrocities against the Palestinians.

It would be better and more realistic to focus on the Indian model of the nation-state which provides for inclusive democracy to all the groups with a secular approach irrespective of its religious composition. It also tries to accommodate people of a different faith, different communities, different ethnicities, and different languages and creates grounds for an equitable society where equal rights and opportunities are guaranteed through the constitution.

There is no denying that any nation-state model is based on the identity of the majority groups or the majority community, although, the creation should not be based on violence and inhumanity against the minorities. Israel is highly unlikely to cede the Palestinians territories under its occupation since the Palestinians have lost numerous opportunities in the past to create their own nation.

The only reasonable solution should the creation of a Secular, Inclusive, and accommodative Indian model state, based on humanity under the principles of non-violence and peaceful co-existence. The Israeli state should guarantee equal rights and opportunities to minorities. That would be a democracy of secular state accommodative of religion and faiths.

Published by Neel Kamal

My name is Neelkamal. Here, I will provide the content effective for everyone who want to learn more and more. And if you want, I am open for your suggestion to write on. I have done M.Sc in Biotechnology and also read about the Political, Social, Environmental issues. So, my blog will surrounds upon topics related to these subjects.

2 thoughts on “Can be a solution to Israel Palestine

  1. Joseph Samuels was 10 when mobs attacked the Jewish community of Baghdad, his community, with cruel and unimaginable violence. Rioters maimed, raped, killed and robbed the unsuspecting Jews. This massacre, which began June 1, 1941, was called the Farhud, Arabic for “violent dispossession” or pogrom. Compare that to Nazism.
    I’ve recently read that for the first time in its history Israel’s parliament has an Islamist party. How crazy is that? Name me an Arab nation that has Jewish politicians. Or has has any Jews left, for that matter.
    There are five countries that have signed up to a peace treaty with Israel. An amazing achievement. In order to have peace you have to want it. Even when Yitzhak Rabin and Yassar Arafat were brokering for peace Palestinians were bombing Israelis.

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    1. I respect and understand your view, I am completely against the persecution Jews community faced since ages. However, this conflict is lasting very long with no solution and continuously taking lives. Whatever side wins, one thing always died in war, that is humanity.

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