The many mirages in Indian agriculture

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Contested Realities

After a week of harvest and another of preparing the farm plots for next sowing season, here are some quick notes.

  1. Farm mechanisation is a serious need. The processes in small scale farming are completely manual. These are limiting the ways in which farmers organize farm processes and their ability to extract efficiencies from the farm. For instance, we harvested about 1.2 tons of groundnuts. The workers who helped harvest it and pluck the pods off the plants took a total of 15% of harvested groundnuts as their wages. There is no way a farm can yield returns at that level of labour cost for just one stage of the cropping process. Then there is post-harvest management that involves labour in cleaning, sun drying for a couple of days, filling up in bags and storing it in the warehouse. All of these are done manually. 
  2. Small farm holdings are a…

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