Janta Darbar in Democracy

There was a time of Elections in India. Many parties were there in front of people with efforts to gather more and more votes. In order to please the population of there jurisdiction area they were touching feet, offering amount, cloth, and trying to fulfil as much possible they can. Trying to help people in any pending job, scheme (Populist), court case, etc.

And now, one of politician has won the election. People are looking for him/her to remember his promises he/she during election. They got nothing…..

However, I found very mysterious thing happening now a days… Politicians are organizing “JANTA DARBAR” in the largest democracy of World i.e. India. Where are we going ?? As I have read that Janta Darbar was a terminology used in Monarchy… Kings used to organize them, to maintain connect to there people…. However, we are not choosing any king to rule us.

Is JANTA DARBAR is valid word in such a country, and in 21st centaury ??

Please think, I am eager to know your views….

Published by Neel Kamal

My name is Neelkamal. Here, I will provide the content effective for everyone who want to learn more and more. And if you want, I am open for your suggestion to write on. I have done M.Sc in Biotechnology and also read about the Political, Social, Environmental issues. So, my blog will surrounds upon topics related to these subjects.

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