Janta Darbar in Democracy

There was a time of Elections in India. Many parties were there in front of people with efforts to gather more and more votes. In order to please the population of there jurisdiction area they were touching feet, offering amount, cloth, and trying to fulfil as much possible they can. Trying to help people inContinue reading “Janta Darbar in Democracy”

Women Sexualization

“Sexual objectification dehumanizes girls and women, which contributes toward rape culture and violence against women,” Carrie Baker, J.D., Ph.D., author of Fighting the US Youth Sex Trade: Gender, Race, and Politics and The Women’s Movement Against Sexual Harassment. The sexualization of females is an ongoing problem all over world, from exposing girls to societal pressuresContinue reading “Women Sexualization”

Be aware: According to NITI Aayog report, 21 Indian cities are already out of Ground water

Sustainability is the need of coming time, otherwise some other species will study about the extinction of human societies on Planet Earth. Be aware, and take steps judiciously.

Yoga and Alternative system of medicine in India

Today is the time to go to the nitty gritty of Yoga philosophy. It is important to have knowledge of ‘YOGA’ as it is not only have a dedicated day of ‘International day for Yoga’ but it is also capable in curing many deadly diseases naturally. However, it is one of six major orthodox schoolContinue reading “Yoga and Alternative system of medicine in India”

The story of Origin of Earth

Who among us have no fantasy to know about our planet Earth. Every single nation has involved itself in expeditious research programs. These programs include the Earth, the Universe, and every location with the possibility for resources. The increasing population, and there need of ample amount of resources is forcing every country in the raceContinue reading “The story of Origin of Earth”


According to a report by United Nations, India will be concentration with the largest population in world by 2047. The population growth is linked with overall economic, social, and political advancements of future. Its high time to understand the role of population. If we talk about the Etymology (science of the origin of any word):Continue reading “Demography”