Khushi is a baby girl, happy in playing with her Barbie doll, spending time with her mother, eating biscuits, watching cartoons. Joy is a adolescent, feel excited in watching motivational movies, studying, and playing guitar. Muskaan is a working woman, found happiness in fulfilling the tasks at office and simultaneously taking good care of children.Continue reading “Happiness”

Adolf Hitler and World War II

Adolf Hitler a leader of the Nazi party, was a dictator with the dream of ruling the world. He took the advantage of appeasement policies of the British and France after the wrong of the Treaty of Versailles and their efforts of avoiding the war. He was also supported by the German citizens as theContinue reading “Adolf Hitler and World War II”

विविधता, भारत एक सुंदर मिश्रण

भारत सदियों से एक विविध राष्ट्र है, निरंतर अस्तित्व का एक अकल्पनीय मिश्रण।
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Can a cell only have one nucleolus?

Eukaryotic cells often contain a single nucleolus, but several are also possible. The exact number of nucleoli is fixed among members of the same species. Each diploid cell in the human body features only one nucleolus, though immediately after cell division ten tiny nucleoli appear before they coalesce into a single, large nucleolus. This isContinue reading “Can a cell only have one nucleolus?”