Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority

There is always a conflict between development and the conservation of nature. The development is possible at the cost of well-grown trees and habitat loss for the dependent animals. The habitat loss and nature destruction successfully establish a link between the increasing adversity of nature, such as global warming, changing rain pattern, increasing cyclones, greenContinue reading “Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority”

प्रतिपूरक वनरोपण निधि प्रबंधन और योजना प्राधिकरण (CAMPA)

विकास और प्रकृति के संरक्षण के बीच हमेशा संघर्ष होता है। विकास अच्छी तरह से विकसित पेड़ों और आश्रित जानवरों के आवास के नुकसान की कीमत पर संभव है। आवास की हानि और प्रकृति का विनाश प्रकृति की बढ़ती प्रतिकूलताओं, जैसे कि ग्लोबल वार्मिंग, बदलते बारिश के पैटर्न, बढ़ते चक्रवात, ग्रीन हाउस गैस प्रभाव, अल्बेडोContinue reading “प्रतिपूरक वनरोपण निधि प्रबंधन और योजना प्राधिकरण (CAMPA)”

लक्षद्वीप ड्राफ्ट पर ध्यान देने की आवश्यकता है

हमारी खूबसूरत ग्रह पृथ्वी पहले ही अपनी जैव विविधता का 70 प्रतिशत खो चुकी है, और हम कई पर्यावरणीय समस्याओं जैसे ग्लोबल वार्मिंग, जलवायु परिवर्तन और घातक बीमारियों की बढ़ती आवृत्ति से निपट रहे हैं। भारत का सबसे खूबसूरत और सबसे छोटा केंद्र शासित प्रदेश, जैव विविधता हॉटस्पॉट में से एक हमारा ध्यान खींचने कीContinue reading “लक्षद्वीप ड्राफ्ट पर ध्यान देने की आवश्यकता है”

Lakshadweep Drafts need attention

Our beautiful planet earth has already lost 70 percent of its biodiversity, and we are dealing with many environmental problems such as global warming, climate change, and the increasing frequency of deadly diseases. India’s most beautiful and smallest Union Territory, one of the biodiversity hotspots is trying to grab our attention. The region is underContinue reading “Lakshadweep Drafts need attention”

Afghan Peace Talks

Earlier President Donald Trump was eager to remove their troops from Afghanistan soil, and now let’s see the new New Peace Initiative (Plan) of President Joe Biden to decide on the roadmap for peace in Afghanistan. The plan says there is a Delay in Withdrawal of NATO-led U.S. allies army, remaining with 10,000 Troops in Afghanistan, which has kept open the possibility that the USA troops, currently deployed in Afghanistan, might stay on for a longer time.

Happy Women’s Day

It is time for India, to carry out a thorough introspection about its prevailing societal inequality concerning gender, and caste. They form a vicious cycle and feed on each other. India aspires to become a $ 5 trillion economy, and the Indian society reports the cases of female infanticides, dowry-related harassments and death, and even grave incidents of sexual assaults against women. In this context, one should remember and commemorate the phenomenal contribution of Savitribai Phule to women’s rights in India.