The real stories of Holocaust Survivors

I have read about the killing that happened in Germany during the reign of Hitler. But, how it has really happened, the impact of it on the minds of children and people was deleterious. You will be surprised to read the real stories of the German Holocaust.

Snopes Says I'm A Fake

My maternal grandparents Tzipora and Zev Zloczower

I rarely post anything that isn’t funny or about my writing process. Even more rare is anything to do with my childhood or parents who were Holocaust survivors. My dad died just over twelve years ago. My mom died two and a half years later. During my mother’s shiva, a seven-day mourning period, I began to consider who would tell my parents’ stories? Do people really want to know their stories? How should they be remembered? I was busy with my job and family and put those thoughts aside.

The children of Holocaust survivors don’t typically have conventional family life. When I was a child, I often experienced bad dreams where the Nazis came to take us away. I directly attribute those dreams to the stories my parents told us as children. The dreams became less frequent and pretty much ended as…

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